Flight to Paradise a novel by Mike Coe

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My editor, Harvey Stanbrough, whose work has been nominated for a National Book Award, a Pulitzer Prize, a Pushcart Prize, a Frankfurt Book Fair Award, and the Inscriptions Magazine Engraver's Award, had this to say:

“I've told only two unpublished novelists (from well over a hundred novelists and short-story authors) their work was excellent — you are the third.”


“The twists and turns kept me on my toes. Even when I knew what to expect and it happened, I was still surprised.”


“Most importantly, you engaged my emotions, enabling me to be an active participant in the story rather than a passive reader. I commend you on your attention to the craft of writing and your apparently dogged determination to tell a good story.”


 “This book will be of great interest to anyone who's ever been in love and to anyone who believes Good eventually must overcome Evil.”



"...this debut novel carries the promise that another Wiregrass native is poised to become an important part of the contemporary fiction landscape."
Wiregrass Living Magazine, January/February 2011


Name--State Review

This book is one of the few I have found lately that you do not have to skip words or paragraphs so you do not have foul language. The story is captivating and holds your attention. I was reading in bed and before I knew it the clock said 2:00 AM! Once you start reading you can not put it down. Wonderful reading!


Mike Coe did an excellent job in his initial story. Developing his characters as broken people living in a broken world, he touched on the spiritual struggles of each character's life without being preachy. I totally enjoyed the book and am looking forward to the sequels to see how the story will continue and how the characters will develop in this story of hope with God's grace, forgiveness and redemption. I credit Mike's blog (www.mikecoe.blogspot.com) for intensifying the anticipation for the 2nd book in his trilogy.


I just finished "Flight to Paradise"!!. Amazing writing and a great twist. Took me on an emotional roller coaster for sure. Loved it. Thanks so much. Can't wait to read "Flight into Darkness".


I VERY much enjoyed your book. You left a lot of food for thought. I sat in silence after finishing it. I awoke the next morning still------- chewing on "thoughts" It's that kind of book! I believe a good author will do that to you with his writings. YOU sure HIT the nail on the head with this one! Your writing is so creative and quite exciting, too. Mike, Henry Ford, said..." THINKING is hard work...that is why most don't do it" I love that you make me think...I look so forward to watching you grow each character in the next book! GREAT JOB!!!!


The author weaves a great story with many twists and turns that keeps the pages turning quickly with anticipation. I highly recommend it and think it would make a great gift for any occasion and for both young and old. This is a book that gives great lessons in relationships all along the way and one that everyone can take something valuable from. I think I'll read it again.


Often times, a book is enjoyable for me because it's full of intrigue and mystery and keeps me hooked and turning every page from start to finish, wishing I could read faster than I can to see what is coming around the next bend in the road. Other times, a book is enjoyable for me because I love the author's creamy rich writing style and prose, his character development and imagery, wishing that I had read more slowly because I just didn't want the journey to be over.

In Flight to Paradise, the reader is in for a real treat because Mike Coe is a wonderful writer and storyteller who really knows how to deliver. Simply put, by each and all of these criteria, Mike Coe has hit a homerun with Flight to Paradise. Read it; your only dilemma will be figuring out how to race through to the surprising conclusion without letting it come to an end.


I received your book "Flight to Paradise" this week. I unwrapped it with much anticipation, because I could not wait to read it! I started reading it last night and could not put it down. I finished it on into the wee hours this morning. I have to tell you....I loved it!

The way you brought all the characters together to touch one another's lives at some point was sheer genius! Each chapter left me anxious to jump into the next with much anticipation. I can't remember when I've been so caught up in a story line! One twist (I won’t spoil it for others) blew me away. I don't know how you managed to bring each and every character to cross paths for a purpose, but it worked beautifully to produce one of the most spellbound novels I have read in quite some time. I commend you on a job well done. You should be very proud of the book. I am so looking forward to your next one and I hope you will have one on reserve for me when they are ready for release.

I want to thank you again for sending me "Flight to Paradise" and tell you once more how much I truly enjoyed it. When I neared the end of the book and realized that the cover had a specific meaning woven into the storyline, it evoked even more emotion that I was not anticipating. Now, that is the results of a really good writer! I didn't want the book to end. Continued success and I will look forward to the upcoming release of the sequel, “Flight into Darkness”. 


Just finished Flight to Paradise- I had saved it for my beach trip. It was such an easy read and so gripping that I didn't want to put it down. Can't wait for your next book!


Absolutely one of the best books I have EVER read. This book has a great story and will capture your attention from the first page. Love, hope, tragedy, forgiveness.......all the good drama! I tried to read it slow, to savor it, but wound up reading late into the night! Twists I didn't see coming. I found myself smiling, especially when I finished it. Feel good book, without being "preachy" - just a real joy & pleasure to read. Can't wait for the next book!


"Flight to Paradise" by Mike Coe (2010) is a story of romantic mystique. I found it to be engaging as Coe does such a good job with not only character development but with a great plot as well. I think this would make a fantastic series and perhaps even a movie!


LOVED the book! I could not put it down until I finished it. Now my daughter is reading it. I'm ready for the next one please!


This thing is a masterpiece...the storyline, the characters, and the technical architecture of the words on the page---easy flow. It's just fun. Rex's character is genius and your words have really brought this guy to life; I've found myself laughing out loud soo many times. I would love to see this work come to life on the big screen.


I just read your book this weekend and loved it!! I didn't get a thing done this weekend because I couldn't put it down! Such a great story and a happy ending!


Finished reading your book today! So good. Like others have said, it was hard to put down, especially toward the end! Congrats on your first book, Mike! Looking forward to more!


Oh my goodness.......I finished the book last night and let me tell you....I was about halfway through the book when I started reading at 8 p.m. And finished it at 1 a.m.! I could NOT put it down. So today brings bloodshot eyes and the need for extra caffeine, but it was worth it!! I absolutely LOVED it and can’t wait to read the next one! I can relate to so many things in the book and it left me wanting more. Last chapter had me bawling and my fiancé waking up to ask me what was wrong. Haha. But it was a beautiful story. Great job – I’m so excited for your success – which is no doubt inevitable.


I just finished reading your wonderful book. I enjoyed it very much.


I finished the book this afternoon and I can honestly say you had all my emotions going. I of course fell in love with the ending, but what can I say (I am hopeless when life seems to have that perfect ending.) Thank You!!!!


Mike, I just finished the book last night! Awesome. I found myself so mad at Rex, that is for sure. The end is so worth it, just a beautiful ending! I can't wait for the next one.


I just finished! It is seriously one of the best books I have ever read. It was enticing, exciting, tumultuous, riveting, and fun. I was able to relate to the characters and I couldn't predict what was going to happen next--which was a good thing; kept me guessing the whole time! I am SO excited to pass this along to my family and friends! Can't wait for the sequel, Mike!


I purposely waited until we left town for vacation to read it because my wife had warned me about not being able to put it down. As usual, she was right again. Great job and I can't wait for the sequel.


I read your book on Memorial Day and really enjoyed it. In fact, I didn't put it down until I finished. It is the perfect vacation book. I feel Mike has succeeded in providing a riveting, quick paced, absorbing plot. There was one twist which I truly didn't see coming and I am rarely surprised by plots. I really enjoyed that moment of discovery. I found the book very satisfying. It made me fill good. I think there is a screen play waiting to be written. I look forward to reading the next one! Carry on Mike.


I read it today at the beach... Great Story! Write another one. Reminds me of a Grisham book--hard to put down.


"Flight to Paradise" uncovers long buried emotions that one thinks are theirs only and with dead-on accuracy!!! At times I felt parts of this story--lots of parts--were MY story. Your talented pen brings life's loves, losses and lessons learned into clear view. Mike, FTP is excellent as pure light-hearted fiction and... as an instruction manual to living a happy, fulfilling life. Just follow Martha's advice... Can't wait for "The Golden Gate"!! And your author page was fun and enlightening! Hope you continue with this for books 2 & 3.


Mike, your book is a perfect "beach read"... everyone needs to buy it for their summer vacation read!


Very entertaining... I finished it in one night!!!


Just finished the book... loved it!


You have a gift… you are a very talented artist/writer. I thank you so very much for “Flight to Paradise”. After takeoff, my eyes could not read fast enough. FTP reached into my soul from the moment of departure. Seriously, this is the kind of reading that one does not want to put down. It’s more than a fun love story; it’s much deeper. It has opened my eyes. With handkerchief in hand, I absorbed salty tears as I neared the final decent of my flight. Seriously, I had to take my glasses off and clean the tears away so that I could see to read. “Flight to Paradise” is the GREATEST! Not only did FTP open my eyes, “Flight to Paradise” is going to be a lifestyle for me. It’s more than typed words on a page or a picture in my hand. Your book has allowed me to think deeper and to really see and appreciate, more, the people that are in my life. My plans are to read it all over again. Thank you for a LIFE changing experience!!!!!


I just finished your book... I read it all day, even when I was floating in the pool. I think it is one of the greatest books that I've ever read!!!! It is a great love story but even better, it is a great story of a parent's unconditional love for his child. Just wanted you to know that I loved, loved, loved, loved it!!!! Great job. You have a very special gift with your writing. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason, and I can honestly tell you that I was meant to read your book--at this very point in my life. I know that it is a book, but it is a book that has given my heart hope. Thanks again for writing a really good book that touched my heart.


I finished the book last night. I love it! Well done!


Mike has a wonderful way of capturing the thoughts inside the characters’ head as well as painting a canvas of words to carry you into the scene. You may even feel as though you are there. Make sure your tables are in the upright and locked position, have your legs up and take off into the story.

With such skilled pen, Mike is able to weave the intertangled lives of the characters like a sailor's knot. Like a salty snack at a party, eating one after the other, unable to stop, you find yourself reading chapter after chapter, each one compelling you, tugging at your interest strings, you just find it difficult to put the book down.


Like many good writers, Mike Coe writes about what he knows. The airline references are familiar and fun, but this is not a "crew" book. It is a reminder that faith and hope really can make dreams come true.

Mike--South Carolina

Read it this weekend. Great book.

Mike--South Dakota

I started reading your book yesterday after a few hours flying for work and didn't quit reading until I finished at 2am this morning... An engrossing tale. Although I never flew for the airlines, my experience with pilots in the USAF showed me many Rexters... and many also like Ryan and their wives. Your storytelling was believable and compelling. Thanks for the memories.


"Flight to Paradise" is a HOT one!!!!


Mike, you sure know how to pull the heart strings. Love the emotional ride I've been on while reading Flight to Paradise.


I sat by the pool in Palm Springs and read it in one day. I was reading parts of it out loud to my friends. When is your next one coming out? I can't wait!


I really enjoyed reading it.


I loved it! It was so good that I want to read it again so I don't forget the story. I loved the short chapters.


I just finished reading Flight to Paradise and it was excellent! I can definitely see this as a movie. You did a great job and I hated to put it down once I started reading. 


I enjoy how you tie so many interesting things into your novel.


Well written with intriguing and entertaining characters that deal with the frailties of human nature. Many twists and turns make this a page turner.

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