Flight to Paradise a novel by Mike Coe

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Photo Journal

Four centuries ago, John van Linschoten (1563-1611) wrote about the beautiful birds of Paradise (God’s birds) during his voyage to the East Indies. He wrote, “. . . no one has seen these birds alive, for they live in the air, always turning towards the sun, and never alighting on the Earth till they die.” The Malay Archipelago, by Alfred Russell Wallace, 1869

Just as the birds of Paradise wandered aimlessly, searching for Paradise without a map, many people spend their lives in search of happiness, success, and love with a broken compass.

If the horizon is the PRESENT, then the ocean below is the PAST and the sky above and beyond is the FUTURE. As you move toward the horizon, it moves constantly forward into the future leaving more of the past behind. Since today is all we are certain of, we must embrace the present, learn from the past, and hope in tomorrow.


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(Recommend viewing pictures as you read the story--not before.)
Chapter-by-Chapter Photo Journal
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Chapters: 1-4

Time: June 23, 1974; Place: Buckhead, GA.; Characters: Keri Hart, Ryan Mitchell; Barbara Ann Heart; Martha Mitchell

   Summer 1974 Billboard #1 Hits:

"The Streak" Ray Stevens
"Band On The Run"
McCartney & Wings
"Billy Don't Be A Hero"
Paper Lace
Gordon Lightfoot
"Rock The Boat"
The Hues Corporation
"Annie's Song"
John Denver
"Feel Like Makin' Love"
Roberta Flack
"The Night Chicago Died"
Paper Lace
"Having My Baby"
Paul Anka & Odia Coates

The Hart's House - Buckhead, GA

Ryan Mitchell's 1965 Impala

U.S. Naval Academy

The summer Keri and Ryan broke up

Chapters: 5-7

Time: May 13-27, 1983; Place: Del Mar, CA & Miami, FL; Characters: Keri, Ryan, Rex, Martha


Ryan at NAS Miramar-San Diego

Rex's & Ryan's condo in Del Mar, CA

"Bill" - Keri's dog

Keri going to work

Chapters: 8-11

Time: May 28, 1983; Place: Coronado Del Hotel, San Diego, CA; Characters: Ryan, Rex, Emily Anderson, Kate (from Iowa)

Rex's 1983 Porsche

Coronado Bridge

View of The Del from the bridge

Beach at Coronado Del Hotel

Chapters: 12-17

Time: December 22, 1983; Place: Point Loma, CA; Characters: Ryan and Emily 


Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery

Old Point Loma Lighthouse

J.R. Cabrillo Monument - Pt. Loma

Sunset from Point Loma

Chapters: 18-23

Time: December 23, 1983 & June 16, 1984; Place: Coronado Del Hotel, San Diego, CA; Characters: Keri, Ryan, Rex, Emily, Martha


Windsor Lawn - The Del Hotel

Ryan and Emily kiss

Ryan and Emily at their reception

Keri cries - after Ryan's wedding

Chapters: 24-27

Time: June 23, 1983; Place: Del Mar, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach-Cannery Restaurant; Characters: Keri and Rex

Engelbert Humperdink - Rex's Hero

Laguna Beach, CA - Keri's town

The Cannery - Newport Beach

The Cannery - Table by the window

Chapters: 28-37

Time: August - April 1985; Place: Del Mar and San Diego; Characters: Keri, Rex, Emily, Ryan

Ryan & Emily Honeymoon - Maui

Ryan and Emily packed for Texas

Keri snaps a picture of Atlanta

Martha Mitchell's house in Atlanta

Chapters: 38-46

Time: April, 1986; Place: Dallas; New York City; Atlanta; Characters: Keri, Rex, Emily, Ryan

Central Park, New York City

Keri's dad's Upper East Side Condo

Rex's appointment with Dr. Stickler

Ryan returns from Atlanta to a surprise

Chapters: 47-54

Time: April-May, 1986 to April 1987; Place: Laguna Beach; Dallas; Characters: Keri, Rex, Emily, Ryan

Keri receives news of an accident

Keri makes an unplanned stop

Ryan pieces his life back together

She left him

Chapters: 55-65

Time: April, 1987; Place: Atlanta; Laguna Beach; Newport Beach; Characters: Ronald, Philip Darby, Keri, Rex, Emily, Ryan, Candi

Newport Beach Harbor

"Little" David - 3 months old

Keri's flight diverts - Plans change

Dog Tags

Chapters: 66-70

Time: April-July, 1987; Place: Atlanta; Laguna Beach; Characters: Ronald, Darby, Keri, Rex, Emily, Ryan, Martha, David

Ronald & Barbara Ann Hart

Conference room - Hart's Will

Private jet to Paradise

The End

Disclaimer: The images shown above do not have any association with the fictional happenings in Flight to Paradise. The images are used only to create a visual representation of the story as imagined by the author. The images of places (some of which are the actual locations referenced in the novel), people, things, and dog do not have any real relationship to the fictional story line of the novel.