Flight to Paradise a novel by Mike Coe

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Name of book: Flight to Paradise
Author: Mike Coe
ISBN #: 9781609101787
List Price: $16.95
(346 pages)

Can I purchase your book at my local Barnes & Noble, Borders, Books-A-Million, or Walmart?

I am using a small publisher. My publisher will not accept returns which is often required by the large book chains. However, you can have your local bookstore order the book for you if you are not comfortable ordering online.

Bookstore returns were instituted during the depression to help bookstores stay in business. Interestingly, however, the practice never died, despite the end of the depression. According to Jeffrey A. Trachtenberg of The Wall Street Journal, “The book industry, by contrast, has been saddled with (returns) since the Depression, when publishers told struggling bookstores they could return unwanted books as long as they kept ordering new titles.” The article is quite disturbing, sharing the dollar figures for returned books (estimated at $800M -yes MILLION – last year alone), how authors aren’t paid for returns, even if the books are then sold to discount warehouses, and other inner-workings of a system few authors really know anything about. An average of 35%-40% of books are returned by bookstores each year. That means they routinely over-budget their needs by 35%-40%! If the rest of the world did business that way, the economy would be in shambles.

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